Monday, October 15, 2018

@QBConvention Announces First Guest of Queens Baseball Convention 2019

Painting by @dave_majo

Hey guys,

Thank you for being so patient with us teasing this announcement. We have been wanting this former Mets legend and current SNY broadcaster for years now. This is the first time that we were able to get him to come out to the Queens Baseball Convention. I am not joking when I say that he was my favorite Met in the 1980's when I was growing up. He was the first person that I had ever heard who had the same name as me and was famous. That blew my mind right there as a eight year old kid. Being a kid that was way into tv and films, his Seinfeld appearance was monumental to me. I never knew my favorite baseball team and a profession(film biz) could crossover. That was another instance of an event blowing my mind. We all know this person from being a fan favorite on SNY's game broadcast along with previous QBC guest Ron Darling and Gary Cohen. We now know him threw his  twitter exploits with his cat. The Mets fan base loves him. We at the QBC love him. This is going to blow he roof of off Katch. You have already guessed it. I am just goin to spit it out (Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge).

We at the QBC are proud to announce that we will have The Captain  Keith Hernandez at QBC 2019. Keith will be doing a panel and signing autographs for those in attendance. More information will be released as we go along. Stay tuned to this blog,, @QBConvention, @mediagoon, and @dtwohig on twitter. Also don't forget our expanded partnership with @SNYTV.

Since folks are asking, Tickets will go up for sale in November.

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