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Monday, October 29, 2018

I am sure this will be a huge topic at the State of The Mets Panel at @QBConvention 2019

Anyone else have a bad feeling about this? Seriously, I hope that I am wrong but how can this be a good thing? “Hey guys. Let’s get a guy that has no front office experience, doesn’t know how to put a team together on the field, and someone we might be able to control. Oh yeah, let’s make it seem like it’s someone from outside the box and get this youngish agent guy instead of someone with experience’”
Anyone else feel this way? Am I just nuts?


Klopek said...

I feel the same. Like you, I hope I am wrong and it works. People will cite when something like this has worked in other sports, but this is the Mets after all. I would have preferred Bloom much more. I like how Tampa Bay runs things. Imagine having a big market and money behind that philosophy? Tampa Bay won 90 games last season in part thanks to Bloom. He just has the experience and youthful mindset the Mets could have used. I hope the Mets did not make the wrong choice.

Anonymous said...

Frank Cashen was only a sportswriter before he ran the Orioles. He went to law school at night and became a lawyer. He took a job at a racetrack after being a sportswriter for 17 years. The owners of the racetrack bought the Orioles and made Cashen president of Baseball operations. He had no front office experience. Worked out very well.

I love this move. Outside the box thinking. Maybe he will get the Wilpons to open their wallet.