Friday, October 5, 2018

MLB National Broadcasts Suck

We all can agree that we hate Sunday Night Baseball,right? Playoff baseball is even worse. Is there anywhere with local tv announcers contracts that the MLB can bring them up to the broadcasts? Maybe a neutral “host” and one broadcaster from both teams playing?
From the NY Post

Why is it that all-sports ESPN has no applicable sense of what it spends billions to televise? Why does ESPN wreck everything it touches with inane, expensive excess? ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” and Late Sunday Night Baseball are, by design, insufferable. The games are impediments to the telecasts; the telecasts are impediments to the games.

ESPN’s MLB coverage this week was an impenetrable, impassable obstacle loaded with inapplicable math, colorful stat images that looked like sonograms or smeared Doppler radar, endless dubious discourse and, as a matter of course, equally suspect analysis of every pitch and imagined “situational” strategy.
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It’s just pathetic.That they can’t figure it out.

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