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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cespedes to DL

I guess playing golf didn't help Yo heal his quad. This is what pissed me off when he hurt himself during the playoffs and made me anti Cespedes. After the other stories I heard about him to, I just had looked at him like he's a clown. He drives me crazy in the field with the hands up at Wrigley and the backing off of plays due to his quad. But then he started winning me back with his hitting.

Now this brings me to my point about him playing golf. Dude if you are hurt, you don't play golf. You try to heal yourself. Playing golf does a number on your legs. Even if you are in a cart going from hole to hole you are going to still twist your quads when swinging a club.

Can someone explain this to YO? The Mets didn't play him for days so he can heal and what does he do? He plays golf.

Come on man.

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