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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rest of the Mets Season

I am hoping the Mets make the second wild card spot in the NL. I am hoping they get past that and get on a hot streak and rip through the playoffs and win the World Series.

If it doesn't happen, then what am I going to do? I am going to do what I always do. Enjoy hanging at the remaining games with my friends I have made through the Mets, the7line and Yeah I know I don't write for there anymore but I have still met some really cool people along the way because of it.

Some of you folks are going to get on my case about the fact that I renewed my tickets for next season and put money down for the playoffs. Hey, if the Mets don't make it, that money goes to my balance of what I owe to my plan for next season.

If you guys are also wondering, we are working on trying to figure out the details for the QBC again. Shannon, Dan, and I have had a great time the last few years putting this together and having the fans hang and enjoy themselves. Eventually we will work this out and give you guys a heads up in the future about what we are doing.

I'm on set right now having a few minutes to myself being able just to enjoy the weather. This is how I realized how fast the season has gone. You can feel the change starting. Yeah I know it's August, but you can tell September is close.

All I can say to you guys is enjoy the rest of the season, no matter what it brings. Hang with your baseball family. Soak it all in. Next thing you know it will be November and we'll be complaining about the cold again.

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