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Saturday, August 6, 2016


Looks like they are really serious about making this a fun part of the park again. Here are two of the concepts that the Queens Chronicle posted.

                                              Hanging Meadows- First Place

This futuristic botanical garden would feature plants, trees, and flowers indigenous to the northeast. Visitors will traverse this floating wonder with walkways suspended in the air. Beneath the garden would lie a planetarium and spaces designated for educational purposes.

Pavilion Park- Fan Favorite

 by Queens-based designers Cesar Juarez and Alida Rose Delaney proposes to make the pavilion into a place where people can seek solace in a open and natural environment. Juarez and Delaney propose to remove the existing walls and allowing greenery into the area at angled platforms. These platforms would allow for activities and the area will also feature a stage in the center. They also plan to include a sizable mural wall in which to showcase up-and-coming talent.

To see the rest of the designs click Here

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