Monday, August 15, 2016

Shea Stadium Bench "Bench"

have all the Bleachers that were removed from Shea and sell just the plank sections and also sell them made into custom wood shelves and benches.
Many people though had asked for an option that is not a piece of furniture per se and preferred that it look more as it did in the Stadium. Well i worked with 2 different Bleacher Companies to come up with this fine piece. I originally priced them at 225. plus shipping but am now able to offer them at this AMAZIN' Price.
The Mets tried selling a Bleacher Bench after Shea's Demise. They weren't well thought out and sold for about 275. shipped. You can even find some listed on Ebay now.   They used black angle iron legs, and if you purchased, it came with a disclaimer that they were not to be used as a seat due to the instability of the legs.  A Bench, that shouldn't be used as a Seat ???   
Well I came up with an option, that is not only more stable, but is more authentic looking (check out the pics above of the actual bleachers at shea) ....oh and it's less money !! 
This Bench measures approx.  21 inches across and is about 17" high.
 The bench piece itself is in great removed from Shea, and with minor scratches/nicks, as expected. Please note that the bench you receive will not be the exact one shown it this picture, but will be almost identical. The original Seat number is affixed and includes a tamper proof MLB Hologram.  I am including a Laminated Copy of the Official Letter from the Mets indicating that you've bought a Shea Stadium "Picnic" Bleacher, which really adds a nice touch.
If your Dad is a Mets Fan....Give h

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