Monday, August 15, 2016

20 Game Plan Holders Mets Post Season Tickets Expanded Post

How can I guarantee access to 2016 Postseason strips?
Simply log in to your My Mets Tickets Account and make payment towards your 2016 Postseason invoice by Friday, September 2 at 5PM.

What does a 2016 Postseason strip include?
A 2016 Mets Postseason strip includes tickets to all 12 of the potential Mets home games that could be played during the 2016 Postseason. These games include:
  • Tiebreaker (1 game)
  • Wild Card (1 game)
  • National League Division Series (3 games)
  • National League Championship Series (4 games)
  • World Series (3 games)
What does a 20-Game Plan Holder half strip consist of?
Based on your 20-Game Plan, your account will be assigned to either half strip A or half strip B. You may not change the half strip you have been assigned.

Half Strip A
  • Wild Card Game
  • National League Division Series (Home Game 2)
  • National League Championship Series (Home Game 1, Home Game 3)
  • World Series (Game 3, Game 5)

Half Strip B
  • National League Division Series (Home Game 1, Home Game 3)
  • National League Championship Series (Home Game 2, Home Game 4)
  • World Series (Game 4)

Will I be charged for the Tiebreaker game and how do I get my tickets for this game?
Although there will be a ticket for one Tiebreaker game included in your Postseason ticket strip, you will not be charged for this game unless it is played at Citi Field, at which time the cost of the ticket will be added to the postseason balance on your account. Half strips do not include a Tiebreaker game. If the Mets host more than one Tiebreaker game at Citi Field there will be a public, individual ticket on-sale.

Will I have the same seat location for the Postseason that I did for the 2016 regular season?
Mets Full Season Ticket Holders will be invoiced for the 2016 Postseason in the same seat location as their 2016 regular season seats. Mets 41-Game Plan Holders will be offered full strips in an alternate location in the best available section within your seating category. 20-Game Plan Holders will be offered half strips in an alternate location based on availability.

How many 2016 Postseason strips can I purchase?
You will have access to purchase the same number of 2016 Postseason strips (half strips for 20-Game Plan Holders) as you have seats in your 2016 regular season ticket plan.

When will 2016 Postseason tickets be mailed?
Postseason tickets will be shipped in late September to the delivery address on your account as of September 2, 2016. Please note that any address changes after this date may cause delays in receiving your 2016 Postseason tickets. More details will follow as we approach the Postseason.

Okay- Did the Mets mention that if you had a 20 game plan that you would only get 1/2 playoff strips if you got into that plan?

From @lhg39

@Mediagoon @Mets They only guaranteed 1 game per round, so yes. Just unfair how they divided the half strips.

@Mediagoon Did you see how they scrwd Sunday plan with Postseason Strip B? Strip A gets HG 1&3 LCS and GM 3&5 WS. B gets 2&4 LCS and WS GM 4

@Mediagoon anyone who got Plan B got totally hosed. Plan A gets all xtra gms that are possible. Plan B gets charged 4 gms that can't happen

From @darthchipper

@Mediagoon @Mets Nope!  
Additional Benefits:  Guaranteed 2016 Postseason ticket access and discount.  
It does not say: only half strip

From @therobaitken

@Mediagoon @Mets Negative. We had a chance at the full strip last season.

Could only pay in two payments.

From @nickschiavo

@Mediagoon @Mets i have half season but it was cleary stated that half season was the lowest plan that offered every home playoff game

From @alexruiz527

@Mediagoon @Mets yup. Exactly what they said was they couldn't guarantee full strips. The section move isn't terrible though (101 to 136).

So What I am seeing right now is that half of you knew about it and half didn't...

I have an inquiry in to see what was said to placeholders at the beginning of the season.

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