Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ever wonder about that Home Run Citi Meals program the Mets and Citi Bank run that feeds kids for 10 cents a meal?

Well the NY Post did

"The program was partially explained on the charity’s Web site: “Our $1 = 10 meal equivalency is a strong representation of our work across the country and is derived from a specific example of our work in Maryland.”

But that still left me with some questions. OK, a lot of questions.

I pushed and I pushed. Then I finally had a breakthrough — from No Kid Hungry in the form of an explanation in plain English.

“Every $1 donated to No Kid Hungry helps us provide 10 meals to hungry kids, which is different than buying those meals directly,” the group’s spokeswoman explained.

Aha! "

Read the full article here-

- I often have wondered about this myself. Glad this was cleared up.

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