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Monday, August 8, 2016

Feelings on Terry Collins?

Did Terry Collins get lucky last year with the playoff run? Was it because of Daniel Murphy's hot bat? Did the pitching hide the ineptness of Collins in game moves?

There will be a lot of anti Collins articles from main stream media, beat writers, bloggers and even Twitter peeps. Is it deserved? Was Terry being sarcastic with his answer that he didn't know if Jay Bruce is faster then Nimmo? Has the season endless injuries and lack of performance beaten Terry down? Does he still care?

I have in the past waffled back and forth on whether I think good ole TC is a good manager or not. For the longest time I have heard from some insiders that he is a great organizational guy. Can get the players motivated and that they would run through walls for him. I have also heard from the same insiders that he is considered one of the worst in game tacticians that they have ever seen. Even the layman can see it from watching the games. Terry has left people scratching their heads so much that they have drawn blood. Should this season be Terry Collins last one? Or do you think he deserves to come back with a full team?

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