Wednesday, August 3, 2016

All 30 MLB Ballparks Ranked

USA Today ranked all 30 MLB Stadiums and Citifield made it at 10.

Citi Field’s unnecessary (and constantly shrinking) on-field nooks and crannies and its location across the street from a bunch of chop shops cost it a few places on this list, but it lands at No. 10 mostly on the strength of its excellent food selection. The Mets’ ballpark deserves credit, perhaps more than any other big-league park, for making stadium dining a selling point rather than a drawback of the baseball experience. Its outfield concourse alone offers a brilliant array of delicious options, from barbecue to burgers to pastrami to sushi to big, beautiful Italian heroes from Shea Stadium holdover Mama’s of Corona. – Ted Berg

I have to agree with them how nice San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Colorado are.

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