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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Why is the Mets Organization attracting these potential owners?

I am not a fan of Mushnick but I am glad that I am not the only one that isn't too happy with the names popping up to be possible future owners of the Mets.

From the NY POST
Needing to off-load expenses, the Mets then tuned to hedge fund/hedgehog operator Steve Cohen, whose firm in 2013 paid a record $1.8 billion fine for insider — crooked, dishonest, illegal — trading.
I often wonder how that played out. “Marge, I’ll have the egg salad on whole wheat toast, a side of onion rings and a Diet Coke. Oh, and when you get back, have the hedge fund cut a check to the government for $1.8 billion.”
Or did Cohen’s operation pay the fine out of the petty cash drawer?
But these aren’t merely days of diminished standards but of flipped standards. Who cares who next owns the Mets as long as they’re new guys. And so simplistic fans and media celebrated the anticipated coming of Steve Cohen, the head of a Wall Street firm nailed for insider-trading, as the potential new owner for whom they’d long been dreaming. But the Cohen deal, as if he were going to play backup to pikers, went kaput, and now the latest to cause media and fans a rush of blood to the head is the entry one of the most notorious cheats and liars — and beneficiary of the two — in sports history, Alex Rodriguez. He’d like to buy at least a chunk of the Mets. Hooray!
        Can neither MLB nor the Wilpons find any honest candidates?
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