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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Ron Darling is okay with MLB season not being played.

Ron Darling will take an entire summer without baseball over a scenario in which players and those connected to the sport are placed at risk.
The former Mets pitcher and current SNY analystsays his optimism has begun to wane that there will be a season, following his initial strong belief the shutdown from the COVID-19 outbreak would be manageable for the sports world.
“I would always try to err that all of our people are taken care of and protected before I decide to play any sport,” Darling said Thursday in a phone conversation. “That’s not baseball or basketball or hockey, that’s all the sports. Have we taken care of citizens and made sure they are on the right track? When they are on the right track, then we will give them something to watch.”
Darling has spent the past several weeks with family in Jupiter, Fla., in virtual self-quarantine. Other than taking an occasional walk outdoors, Darling — who has respiratory issues that could complicate his condition if he were to contract the coronavirus — said he has probably left the house “a half-dozen” times since mid-March, usually to pick up food.
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Ron Darling thinks that all sports should be played only when it is safe to play. My question is when is that going to be? This season? Next season? Are we going to get hit by another strain of a COVID worldwide? How are other countries handling this? Do the sports play in empty arenas and stadiums? I have no clue. Hopefully we can get back to some sort of normal.

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