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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

25 game MLB season? Gary Cohen is cool with it.(So am I).

We need to look at the big health picture in this country. When are we going to be safe to go out and have crowds of folks gather in the ballparks and stadiums around the world. It's a very nebulous question and answer. I am for one looking out for the safety of everyone. Fans, players, stadium workers. What is going to be the new normal for us? No one really knows.

Like everyone else, Gary Cohen doesn’t know if there will be a baseball season. The novel coronavirus has postponed it for now, along with all the other professional sports.
But the Mets’ SNY play-by-play announcer believes MLB should hold out as long as possible, even if it means starting as late as September, before canceling the season.
“Everybody hopes that there is some remnants of a season, and to me even if you can’t come back until the middle of September and you play 40 games through the end of October and then a postseason, if that’s safe to do, I’d be fine with that,” he told The Post in a phone interview. “I think some season is better than no season.”

Some disagree, that baseball would be better waiting until 2021 if it can’t get started soon. Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera recently said he doesn’t believe the winner of a 60-game season should be able to call itself a champion.

“I think something is better than nothing, whatever that something might be, even if it’s a 25-game sprint,” said Cohen, who is filling his free time reading, exercising and cooking. “I think it would be different. But it would certainly be better than nothing.”
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I have a crazy idea. Why not get he best video game players from each MLB team to play each other on MLB the Show with the teams announcers talking over it. Just have them play so there is content. Have sponsors etc. We have already seen how E-Leagues are big money...

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