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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

@metspolice has some funny insights on AROD and the billionaire who might be his partner.

This is from I usually wouldn't grab most of his post but this has to be read and you guys shouldn't miss this.
Aside from that this is never gonna happen (did you know A-Rod was suspended from baseball for a year?  Kids, do not take PEDs unless you want to own a $2 billion asset some day.   What kind of message will THAT be?)

Anyway, Forbes says this guy is part of the fantasy land ownership group.
(Richard) Tsai, 62, has a net worth of $2.9 billion and is a citizen of Taiwan. He and his brother, Daniel, run Fubon Financial Holdings, which has interests in banking, insurance and securities. The company trades on the Taiwan stock exchange and has a market value of $13.5 billion. The brothers are also investors in Taiwan Mobile, a mobile phone service provider, and, a home shopping and e-commerce business. (via Forbes.)

The good news is I googled ” Fubon Financial Holdings” and nothing horrible popped up on page 1 of the results.  I wonder why they would want to get involved with a guy who was suspended from baseball?  Why don’t they just buy the team without him?

Chris Tsai was named chairman of family-backed Fubon Sports & Entertainment, rising from his previous role as president. Chris, 33, is the son of Fubon Financial Holding Chairman and CEO Richard Tsai.  (via different Forbes article.)
Oh goodie.  You’re gonna get rid of the billionaire’s son and replace him with….a billionaire’s wunderkind 33 year old son and A-Rod.    LOL.
Wait, it gets even better.   Via Wikipedia…

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut to billionaire financier and fund manager Gerald Tsai, and model and actress Marlyn C. Tsai, Tsai attended Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut and graduated in 1993. 
Read more here.


So the Mets would be sold to AROD and what could possibly be the Taiwanese Version of the Wilpons. Wait. Maybe Jeff is going to try to get adopted by the Tsais. Are we in the Twilight Zone or what?

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