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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Shark and Goon: Pop Culture Podcast

I have been working on this podcast with my cousin Shannon Shark aka Metspolice for a while now and I think we get better and better with it. Believe it or not, I have actually been told by fellow production folks how much they enjoy it because of what I know that goes on behind the scenes in production.

Shark and Goon are two guys who like the same pop-culture you do.  In Season 1 they'll talk about Star Wars: The Mandalorian, but upcoming seasons will include Star Trek: Picard, all the Star Trek movies, all the Star Wars movies, all the Fast & Furious movies, all the Batman movies, all the Rocky movies, all the Marvel get the idea.  We should have at least 25 years of shows.
I didn't realize that we have 82 episodes done. I mean we have to do some more especially with all the time we have on our hands. Well at least all the time that I have.

This is the way.

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