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Friday, December 13, 2019

@QBConvention: Friday Push

When we started the QBC many moons ago, we did it because there wasn't a Mets Fan Fest at the  time. We put something together that our fellow fans have enjoyed since then. This year has been a crazy year for us with the whole Yahoo thing and then the Mets wanting us to be a part of their fan fest and work it for free. It has been a battle. Dan and I are trying to knock it out of the park again. We went to a different venue because we needed to upgrade the size of it so folks could move more freely. It took us a while to find a venue because we were negotiating with the Mets about possibly joining forces. We were actually thinking about running it at Citi Field but you can see that was a nope. If you noticed SNY isn't sponsor this year. I wonder why. We have a bit of an uphill battle since the Mets Fan fest had been announced. We have a great lineup of former player coming to Mulcahy's of Wantagh on Janyary18th 2020. Jerry Koosman who is having his number retired. We have HOJO and Billy Wagner coming too. This is a real fan fest. A fan fest brought to you by fans, Built by our fellow fans, and for our fellow fans. If you had friends that wanted to go to the Mets Fan Fest and tickets were sold out, all them to com here. Dan and I do this as a passion project for our fellow fans. We do this even as if we were the fans coming to it and what we want to see. I am not going to say that the Mets Fan fest is going to suck, but it is going to be very very generic.

If you haven't gotten your tickets now, you should grab them. Do you think a family member or a friend would like to go? These make great holiday, birthday, and anniversary gifts.

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