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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Mets fan fest pre-sale looks to have some hiccups

I was torn writing about this today. I don't want to be hit 
  with I am posting this because of sour grapes over the 
QBC. It really isn't. We believe the two events can
 coexist. Also with me using this blog as a fan advocacy 
blog I feel I need to keep up that work especially when
 folks Reach out to me. Folks like Nick and MJ.

From Nick Schiavo

You first select what 2hr time frame you want admission to. Then it gives you the option for autographs on the 1B side or 3B side. Since youre only allowed to purchase the amount of tickets as you have season seats (two in my case) i was going to buy a 1B side and have my son go to the 3B side figuring between the two of us we can get autographs from all the available players. But it doesnt allow that as an option. Then the mets replied with “You can only buy one at a time since the signings happen simultaneously. You can purchase 2 sessions just have to be different times.” So basically they want me to buy another set of admission tickets to come back to get the “other side” autographs. Im more annoyed that its not clear anywhere how any of this works and that we went into this presale blind. Silly!

I just feel that from their end if youre going to promote a new event and get it off on the right foot you gotta explain things better. What if one side has some middle relivers and the other side has an everyday player. We should know who we are paying for in a specific side of the field if thats how they want to run it. Use the disclaimer that the players may change last minute but atleast give me an idea lol and then you want me to pay addmission again to get the other players? Cmon stop now lol two hours is a really small window to begin with.
That's the DM Nick hit me up with. It seems like he wasn't
 the only one having trouble.

Ron and Bryan don't look too happy.

This is definitely a weird and confusing autograph thing going on.

Looks like if you have admission tickets and two autograph tickets you can't divide and conquer.

This is what a lot of folks were thinking about in between sessions that they will get ushered out.

From what I have inferred from the Mets, the signings and panels will be indoors. They haven't really mentioned where anything is going to be. I really hope the Mets sort this out. I have been trying to figure out if I want to buy a ticket or not to go just to check it out.

I am not even going to push QBC on this post, You know where to grab tickets for it if you want to go. Who knows, maybe today’s sales will go smoother?

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