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Friday, December 6, 2019

Possible Mets ownership change: Winning greater than morality?

I made a joke yesterday about Steve Cohen not liking the black jerseys because the Black Jerseys were a thing again for the last few weeks

From the NY TIMES IN 2015
The discrimination accusations made last year by a former Mets executive portrayed the team and its chief operating officer, Jeff Wilpon, as intolerant of a pregnant, unmarried woman.
In her federal lawsuit, against the team and Mr. Wilpon, Leigh Castergine, a former senior vice president for ticket sales, quoted Mr. Wilpon as saying, “When she gets a ring, she’ll make more money and get a bigger bonus.” 
After complaining about Mr. Wilpon to the team’s human resources department, she said, she was fired.

You can read about that here.

Now Steve Cohen has had a sexual discrimination lawsuit against him too.

Bonner had only been at Point72 for about 18 months when she filed the lawsuit but said her short tenure was not a factor in the promotion committee’s decision.
“It couldn’t be experience because men with lesser and worse experience came in at a higher level than I did — off the bat,” Bonner said. “It’s also hard to imagine that it has anything to do with performance because I got the highest possible performance reviews.”
Bonner said she was told she was “too aggressive to be promoted.”

Now does is that included in the it doesn't matter to me as long as the Mets win? Does morality get thrown out the window when it comes to your team winning? Now I am not knocking the Wilpons    selling the team. I think it is a move that needs to be done, but I also just warn Mets fans to not got overly excited yet. Be happy as hell that the Wilpons will be gone but just don't get giddy over the possible new owner yet.

I know a lot of folks have mentioned about the insider trading vs the ponzi schemes. Both are a bad thing but I am not going to harp on a subject everyone else is covering.

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