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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hey @metspolice, I stuck to my word and didn't renew my half season Mets ticket plan

Well, my seats where released. I have been a plan holder of some sort since Citi Field opened. I was there when there was no Mets stuff adorning the walls and halls of the ballpark. I was there through the changing of the field dimensions. I was there for the quotes of " there isn't a bad seat in the house. The reason you can't see is because of geometry". I was there through the mostly bad teams. I was there for the very few playoff runs. I was there when security started being jerks and made it less fun to go to games. I was there when the staff wouldn't let me leave unless they took a pic of me so I couldn't return to get a bobble head. I was there for the long ass lines because they couldn't didn't realize some games were going to be more crowded than others and not staff right.  I will not be there in my old Section 102 seats anymore. I will be there for most of the 10 games with the 7line. I might pick up a game here or there when I just feel like going to a game. I am no longer there every home weekend. The Mets broke me going to games last year for reasons I have touched on in this blog in the past.

I am keeping my 7lineArmy ticket because a lot of those folks I consider really good friends and we have a great time hanging out with each other and watching the game together and cheering the Mets on.

Want to hear more about my stance on this? Come to the Queens Baseball Convention on Saturday January 18th 2020 at Mulcahy's of Wantagh.

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