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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

@metspolice talks Mets Fan Fest

Shannon, my cousin writes about his feelings about Mets Fan Fest

I thought I’d write about Mets Fan Fest.
I am glad they are doing it.
The questions I keep having are, why are they doing it, and are they actually serious about doing it well?
It occurred to me what the Mets are missing with what they have announced so far:  COMMUNITY.
Oh sure they can whip put Pete and deGrom and you can get a signed poster and that’s cool and I applaud the Mets for doing it – but I feel like the secret sauce is The Hang.  Community
He then shows a video and says..

Many of you know this, but for those that don’t, I was a co-founder of the Queens Baseball Convention, and of the two guys running it now one is my cousin and one is a good friend with whom I do baseball trips including one to London.  So apply whatever bias to this post you want to assign to me.
My angle isn’t to shill for the QBC, it is to encourage the Mets to look at the possibilities.  Yes they have done “a’ Fan Fest and that’s a good thing but man hand the QBC guys, or me, all all of us the keys for a year and look at the possibilities.   Yeah sure the Mets can make Pete and JDG show up because they happen to be in town on Jan 25th to pick up awards (by the way Mets can you at least announce/admit who is coming to your Fest?) but wow imagine if someone tried. Other teams are somehow able to have three day extravaganzas in hotels, that are televised (Mets, do you know anyone at SNY?) and because they are three day events in hotels they build COMMUNITY which is what this should be about.  Meeting Pete Alonso for 20 seconds is nice, but how about letting the people who love your business a chance to hang with the other people?  Nope, sorry your two hour window is over please exit the building.   Nice, but really not trying too hard.
I doubt the Cubs and Red Sox do this because they are nice.  I’m willing to bet this is a nice little business.
So Mets, thank you for doing a Fan Fest.  I really truly appreciate the initiative.  I just am not convinced you are serious.  When you are…it will look like this., not John Franco waving at people in the Rotunda.  Good start but get serious. 
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MG here.. I am going to shill a bit. If you got locked out of the Mets FanFest. You should come to the QBC. It's fun. I would have tried to have gone to both if I wasn't running the QBC myself. Buy tickets here 

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