Monday, April 8, 2019

@TheCurtHawkins and @ZackRyder are new Raw Tag Team Champions

Curt Hawkins(Brian Myers) and Zack Ryder(Matt Cardona) won the Raw Tag Team Titles last night at the "New York" Wrestlemania earning them their NY Wrestlemania moment. These two guys deserved to receive the championships, not because this is scripted but because they both have put themselves into the position that the fans wanted them to win. Both Hawkins and Ryder work their asses off in and out of the ring. Even when losing they have made other workers look like gold (which is their job). They started their own podcast about a passion they have outside the ring. Just from that podcast alone you can tell how much these two love the business. A 269 match losing streak? Who does that? Curt Hawkins did. He knew something would come out of it. He even has turned down "winning' in the past just to keep the streak intact. That's a good business mind right there. Ryder over the years has been able to get himself over with youtube and with the crowds but for a while you even forgot which brand he was on. He kept persevering getting in better shape and with the podcast, he and Hawkins started getting more fans behind them. You guys deserve the win.You can check out the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast here.. 

One more thought. I loved the chants and the pop from the crowd when the fellas won the titles. It was amazing.


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