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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Is it the Mets pitching or the managing which sucks right now?

The Mets pitching has just been off the last few games. Is it something  going on with the players themselves? Or is it the managers/coaching? deGrom and. Syndergaard have been off their games these last few starts. The pitching coach says it’s something mechanical that is any easy fix with deGrom. He hasn’t said what’s going on with Thor though. Wheeler looks a little rough too. Matz is Matz but Vargas. He needs to be put in long relief. I think that might help his game a bit.
The relievers are looking a little spotty also. Anyone else feel like Callaway is overusing some folks in the bullpen or is it just me? I had to be up at 2:30 am today for work so I couldn’t catch the whole game but I got to see Gsellman walk in a run. I don’t get get how a former pitching coach can’t manage his pitchers. His hitters seem fine. Just the pitchers. I can’t blame a lot of the pitchers. The problem also stems from some of these weird pitching moves. What ya doing Mickey?

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