Monday, April 8, 2019

Citi Field Food: Sliders and Sinkers

Sliders and Sinkers
Citi Field will service Sliders and Sinkers, a rendition of Aramark Senior Executive Chef Patrick Schaeffer's award-winning burger. Putting a ballpark-twist on the classic, Schaeffer has created the Champ Sliders (bacon, cheddar cheese and roasted tomatoes), Plain Jane Sliders (dill pickles, mustard, ketchup) and Mini Nathan's Hot Dog Sliders.

I tried this at the game on Sunday. Maybe it was just a one off thing but these were as hard as little hockey pucks and over salted. I had the Plain Janes, which is just the burger and pickles on a bun and comes with a cheddar cheese dipping sauce which was coagulated.Yuck. The Emmy Squared Big Le Matt burger kills these... If you are going to go to the ball park and want a burger go to Emmy Squared's burger stand is(the old Keith's grill). Then Shake Shack. Then Bash Burger. Then a generic concession stand. Then if all else fails, Sliders and Sinkers.

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