Monday, April 22, 2019

Are the Mets a good or bad team?

The Mets. Where do we begin? The Mets are now 11 and 10 going into a series with the Phillies tonight. Who are the real Mets? Are they the team that supposedly has a strong starting rotation? Are they the team that have a Cy Young Award winner? Well at least one that does t have a barking shoulder? What about their fielding depth?  As fans should we be worried about this season being another one of  those seasons that start off promising and then go to hell or should we keep our chin up and hope for the best? Alonso is a beast.McNeil is hitting the ball. Nimmo is coming around.  Conforto is hitting. Cano not so much. Pitching wise Diaz is solid. Familia is scary. Rest of the bullpen doesn’t seem like it is firing on all cylinders. So what do the Mets have to do to get this team going? Sign another pitcher? Maybe two? 

Hopefully they can get it done.

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