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Friday, April 5, 2019

The Problem with the Mets Amazin Ticket Pass

Let me begin by saying this is a solid idea by the Mets to make going to games more affordable and also attract more fans. But there is a problem. Opening Day at Citi Field is usually packed to begin with. The Mets sell Standing Room Only tickets for that day and the concourses get even more crowded to the point that it’s like trying to get on a rush hour train at Times Square. You can’t move at all. Between the lines to the bathroom and the concession stands(which every year it seems get even worse) and the standing room only folks six to seven folks deep, you can’t move. When the Amazin pass kicks in inn Saturday and folks start going to games on these passes, the concourses are going to be jammed pack if the Mets keep playing well.

I have a proposition for the Mets. They should make the area by Coca-Cola Corner that has a ton of space for folks to stand one of the main places you can stand if you have that pass. Also maybe start adding painted lines around the concourses to show folks where a good spot to stand is to help the flow of traffic. We basically need “walking lanes” through the ballpark. This can end up being a real problem if the Mets do well and keeping selling tickets well. Like I said, I’m happy the Mets did the pass, but there needs to be some policies in place to help fans get around.

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