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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Fan experience issues at @Citifield

The post I wrote the other day about @Aramarksports and @Mets possibly needing to train their staff better sparked off some conversations about Citi Field on twitter.... Here's the post so you can catch up on what I wrote. Click here.

That post had a few replies...

Then it went to a subject we have talked about before. STOP USING THE FAMILY BATHROOMS IF YOU AREN'T WITH A FAMILY. 

This has got to be worked on. You have security walking around the concourse. No reason why they can't shoo away these adults that are on a "short" line. And for the adults that do this and then complain when an actual family needs to use the bathroom, you guys should realize the folly of your ways..

One of the things that I have complained about in the past seems to have stuck in a positive way. The ushers are still holding folks from walking back down to their seats during an at bat after the third inning. I am pleased that is still being a policy that is being enforced.

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