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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Supposed Thor “Pine Tar” Ball for auction

This guy wants a $1000 for the ball that you see in the video where Syndergaard May or may not have had pine tar in his glove. This guys is also delusional btw looking for that kind of money. Well, at least that’s just my opinion.

It pains me to sell this as I am a HUGE Noah Syndergaard fan. Picked this up at Citizens Bank Park Game Used shop before 4/16 game not realizing it was anything other than a Thor Hammer vs Hoskins. Noticed today what I actually purchased, so with a kid in college, figured I see what it was worth. If it doesn't sell will remain a treasured part of my collection for just being a Syndergaard K.

How often do you get the chance to own a genuine piece of history?

MLB authenticated game used baseball.

Noah Syndergaard career strikeout #601 vs, Rhys Hoskins 4/15/19

Possibly more important, this is the actual ball in the video that has caused an uproar for Thor. 
(Link to video below)

Caption states 1 out 5th Inning

If you watch the start of the video, you see Thor getting the throw from an infielder out of camera shot. 
Because they threw ball around the horn after Rhys Hoskins's K. (If you pull up video of "Thor's 9 K" from that day on Mets' website, you will see Ramos throw down to 3B after Hoskins's K) 
That was the first out of the 5th.
Walking to mound, we see Noah go to glove, then get set to pitch.

As authenticated by MLB, this is the ball that struck out Hoskins, and was also thrown to J.T. Realmuto to start his at bat, proving that this has to be the ball in the video.

Take a look and judge for yourself if there is any foreign substance on the baseball (other than of course Lena Blackburne's mud)

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