Thursday, April 4, 2019

@MajorWFPod 2 was another funfilled time.

Another Great Major Wrestling Figure Podcast in the books. Wait $90 bucks? Are you crazy? Um, no. This show was jammed pack and let's not forget about the limited edition pin, the 8x10, and signing stuff for the VIPs. I mean really jammed pack. First we start with the the Thousand Dollar Broski in full attire tossing out Ryder $1000 bills out to the crowd. 

Have to get the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Championship in...

The Mattel design team stopped by to let Mets fan and WWE Cruiserweight Championship contender that he has TWO figures coming out in Basic Series 98.

Chelsea wants her ring and stopped Zack Ryder from buying a 1in 5 Ultimate Warrior figure.

Curt Hawkins knows how this is going to end.

Heath Slater in the house.

Ringside Collectibles ready to do their giveaways.

The Villain Marty Scurrl made an appearance

Dolph Ziggler from out of nowhere.

Super Kick to PinPin Ain't Easy Zombie Sailor.


So the fellas had a great show with lots of surprises and laughs last night. I thought the first live show was amazing. This is was way better. The surprises just kept coming and coming.The crowd was hot. Do you realize how hard it is to get a podcast to translate to a live show? Curt(Brian) and Zack(Matt) are having fun with this and it shows. Curt loves busting Zack's chops and it is quite evident that these guys have been friends for years. One thing I noticed, there was no stuttering by Ryder so there was no shot taking. I keep telling you guys, you need to go to a live show...GET TO IT!!! I can't wait for number 3

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