Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Mets have given up.

The team is lethargic for the most part. There is no fire there. There is no saving face. Thor is too worried about busting on Mr Met, Reyes is Reyes, Matz arm is dead, and besides a few players that actually hustle out there day in day out (Nimmo, Conforto, deGrom) this team has thrown up the white flag. There needs to be a reset after this season. I don't see the players hustling or playing their hearts out like they did for Terry Collins. I am not saying it wasn't Terry's time to go in the clubhouse but Callaway doesn't seem like he made a connection with the players. Callaway doesn't look to have figured out how to make adjustments without using all his pitchers/bench players.

After Cespedes comes back from surgery next year, see how he does for a bit and how healthy he is and see if he'll rescind his no trade clause to go to an AL team that needs a DH.

Jay Bruce, I don't think is coming back this season at all. Get him healthy next year and let him know he is playing RF and First base. First is going to be his main position, get him to showcase how he can play and be ready to move him if you can.

Syndergaard. Time to move him in the offseason at the winter meetings. I tire of him. Plus his PR team/or he is soft on twitter. Blocking folks that tell him enough with Mr Met. Imagine if I was a troll and really wanted to mess with him? He might cry. He is going to develop into Harvey 2.0

deGrom- Keep him. He is all business and the Mets need to come back and play hard for him next season.

Reyes- BYE!

Frazier- I think this is just a bad season for him. Typical never been on the DL and come to the Mets then you end up on it. Baseball Gods.

Need to reload the bullpen.

Lugo should be a starter.

Gsellman, set up or closer.

Swarzak needs to be "reset" mentally I think.

Can the Mets get one GM. And can that GM make good moves? It's time.

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