Friday, August 10, 2018

Mets looking to the Cardinals for next GM?

From the NY POST
It’s also expected Wilpon will take a relatively conservative approach with the GM hire after the organization went with an “outside the box” candidate at manager with Mickey Callaway last offseason. Callaway, the former Indians pitching coach, has struggled in his first managerial job. 
There is thought among team officials that perhaps the Mets became too analytics driven in recent seasons under Sandy Alderson’s watch, and a veteran leader with a pure baseball background would help shift the organization toward the center.
Alderson took a medical leave in June to battle recurring cancer and indicated he is unlikely to return even if his health permits. In his absence, the team has been guided by a three-headed panel that consists of assistant GM John Ricco and special assistants Omar Minaya and J.P. Ricciardi.
Ricco has not been eliminated as a possibility for the job, but sources say the Mets are more likely to hire an external candidate. Minaya, who returned to the organization last winter (he was GM from 2005-10), will have a strong voice in the search, according to sources. The search won’t go full throttle until October because most of the potential candidates are under contract and will need permission to speak with the Mets. 
LaRocque was the Mets’ scouting director from 1998-2003. The highlight of that tenure was the drafting of David Wright in 2001.
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MG-Hmmm... Maybe get someone that is  a little younger then 65 that can be with the team for a while if he is able to pull the Mets out of this mire? I am not trying to be age discriminating but the Mets need someone the could be here for a decade. Maybe the guy wants to retire in three years. Inept ownership inepting to its finest.

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