Monday, August 6, 2018

Almost Awesome Comedy Night at @KatchAstoria

Hey guys,

 Want to see me make my on stage debut doing Comedy? I mean it. It is my first time ever being on a mic in front of folks doing comedy. Dennis Holden aka @DHAPShow is finally getting his revenge on me. He has challenged me to do five minutes in front of a live audience at Katch in Astoria. It is going to be on Saturday Aug 25th at 8:45pm after the 7line outing earlier that day. So come Katch me  crash and burn on stage and have a big laugh at my expense.

Here are the other folks that will be at the show!

Goon, DHAP and friends present a night of comedy!

Meghan O'Malley (Barely Making It/National Scandal)

Jonathan van Halem (Air Quotes : A Comedy Show/The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival)

Keith Blacknick (Queens Baseball Convention/

Amamah Sardar (EPIC, Storyfest)

Laura Merli (Epic, How to be Less Awkward)

Marc Adam Smith (San Francisco Improv Festival)

Matt Vita (iHeartRadio)

Hosted by Dennis Holden

TEL: 718.777.223031-19 NEWTOWN AVE

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