Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Almost Awesome Comedy Night Video

Watch all the Awesome Comedians and then Me the Almost part of the comedy night. It was a very fun night at Katch last Saturday and we are looking to run another one in October.

Goon, DHAP and friends present a night of comedy!
Meghan O'Malley (Barely Making It/National Scandal)
Jonathan van Halem (Air Quotes : A Comedy Show/The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival)
Keith Blacknick (Queens Baseball Convention/Themediagoon.com)
Amamah Sardar (EPIC, Storyfest)
Laura Merli (Epic, How to be Less Awkward)
Marc Adam Smith (San Francisco Improv Festival)
Matt Vita (iHeartRadio)
Hosted by Dennis Holden
Dhapshow.com and Themediagoon.com

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Charles Christian said...

I definitely appreciate your blog and want to say thank for sharing these funny videos with us for good time passage. Excellent work!