Sunday, January 14, 2018

Twenty, Yes Twenty Tickets Left for @QBConvention


Jan 20th 2018.....

Folks. We are getting down to the last of our inventory. If there was ever a time to buy your tickets it would be now. I went to a baseball card/signing show yesterday and let me break down the value that you are getting here vs if you went there. They charge $10 just to get in. That's so you can just walk around and look at the vendors tables. Sure they throw in a free auto from a player, but its usually a player that has the lowest number that they would charge for an auto. So if you like that  player and get his autograph you just broke even on the $10. All the vendors are pretty much selling the exact same thing not a lot of variety at all.  I'm going to break down pricing right now.

$10 Entry fee

We have 7 panels- We'll give them each a modest entry fee of $10 a piece so that's $70 right there alone.

Let's look at example of a Brandon Nimmo signing from yesterday. $29 for anything signed or $39 for bats/jerseys/equipment and an extra $10 for an inscription. So you could be paying $29-$49 for his auto. We'll call this $39 to take the average.

We'll Say Hundley is the same and Flexen is $10 off of each price above. $29-$49 for Hundley, $19-$39 for Flexen. Avg for Hundley $39 and Avg for Flexen is $29.

Let's add this up....


Entry $10

Nimmo Auto Equipment- $39

$49 total.

Let's add this up....

Entry Fee- $10
Panels- $10x7= $70
Autos- 1 auto= $39

That's $109 in total. For ours. Thats just the $50 ticket we sold. You are getting another $70 worth of product for what you would have paid to just stand in line to get Nimmo's autograph.

I don't have time to do the other package breakdowns right now because I am running out to get a haircut so that I look somewhat human next weekend while running the QBC

Grab your tickets at and see you guys there....

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