Tuesday, January 23, 2018

@QBConvention: @Mediagoon 's View

When we first made the announcement about what date the QBC was this year, there was a loud murmuring that we haven't heard before in the last few years of throwing the QBC. The first year people didn't know what to expect. The second year we gained some momentum and people enjoyed the festival of Mets fan and afterwards it seemed like folks were really getting into what we were doing. The third year folks were like yes this sounds fun and then the blizzard hit( every time I see a DQ Blizzard commercial I get annoyed.) The last year we had to restart the steam engine. We were able to put together three really great players this year who you all seemed to enjoy.

Folks didn't think Flexen was a good get on paper. You guys came to the show, saw how genuine and humble he is and how he wants to win in and I think he won you guys over. You can check (The Flexen Panel here). Chris had a great time and he told me he enjoyed being around all you guys and he loves you fans. Chris didn't want to leave and wanted to stay to the very last minute he could before he had to grab a ride to the airport.

Then we had Todd Hundley announced. The ladies who had a crush on Todd as teens all collectively squealed and were happy and the male fans who were his fans when he was on the team. Todd had a great time also and couldn't believe the outpouring of positivity and good time going on at the QBC. He couldn't believe everyone came out because he was one of the names announced. If he could have stayed longer he would have too. Still working on his panel, I'll update

Brandon Nimmo. How great was he folks? There were a lot of fans who were bummed that the Mets didn't reportedly consider the trade for McCutchen but I am not going to say much more, I'll just let you watch his panel here. I think he walked out with a lot of new Brandon Nimmo fans...

We had great other panels with the State of the Mets, Meet the Mets Execs, SNY Hot Stove and the Uniform Panel. If I wasn't running around like a mad man all day, I would have loved to have seen all these. In the next couple days, I'll have all the panels up and I will also put them all in one post.

The players had fun, the vendors had fun, the panelists had fan, the con goers had fun, the volunteers had fun, and I had fun and felt very proud that I along with Dan and everyone else could help you all have a great time.

I am very lucky to have a beautiful wife who also enjoys this day, a smart QBC partner in Dan Twohig , great friends who volunteer to help out every year, our connections who have become friends over the years who help out running/being on panels, our vendors, and of course our fellow Mets fans who keep coming out to the QBC, who without you, we couldn't put on an event we would want to see ourselves.

* Thanks to MJ for the pics...

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