Friday, January 5, 2018

@QBConvention is proud to announce Roger Clark(@RogerClark41) is hosting the Meet the Mets(Execs) Panel

Every year the Mets send some of their Junior execs over to the QBC to have face time with Mets fans. You guys have a question about the ballpark, social media, ticketing, policies? This is the time to find out about them.

We are very lucky to have NY1's resident Mets Fan, Roger Clark hosting this panel.

Here are two of the Execs we can announce about now..

Mark Fine

Executive Director, Marketing at New York Mets

2nd degree connection

Sr. Director of Social Media at New York Mets

I know both of these guys pretty well and are both solid people who want the best for Mets Fans. They will have some great insights about each of their departments and will be able to shed some light on something you might have a question about.

Grab your tickets for the 

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