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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mets: More Fans with Ticket Plan Stories (Not Good Stories)

Hey Mets, he is another one for you.

So, I don't know how much of a horror story this is. I've never been a season ticket holder, but starting in 2000 I had some kind of package. Usually it was the Saturday package at Shea, and then various 10-15 games offered at Citi. I am a die hard fan, the kind who was still going to games in September in those lean years 2009-14. In 2016 I was ready to commit to two tickets for a 20 game plan. My only request was they allow me to buy 2 additional tickets for Opening Day as we are a family of 4. My rep would not do it. Kept telling me inventory for OD was tightly controlled.
 My 16 year hustory of having some sort of plan meant nothing to him. Wrote a letter to VP of ticket sales. Two days before Opening Day, rep calls me, "Maybe we can do something for you."  By then I had already bought tix on Stub Hub. No plan for me last year, no plan this year. For a franchise that has never had much in the way of sustained on-field success, they certainly don't value loyal fans who have had to sit thru a lot of lousy baseball.

I can see if it was hard to get two extra tickets next to each other with the plan seeing that folks might have had ticket plans around him.. Could the Mets have offered him options to move for the game? I don't know. But this is the kind of stuff the Mets do. It has been especially bad since they brought that guy in from Pittsburgh to be in charge of sales. Mets.... you know you can contact me here at

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