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Friday, August 18, 2017

Mets: OW!!! MY HEAD

As I write this before I put my weary head on my pillow(It is 7:52 am. I have been up for almost 24 hrs and worked 17 and 1/2 of those), I have to say it. Sonova Bitch. This Subway Series blew. Anyone notice people are starting to catch on to the loafing Cespedes? That was some moonshot by Judge the other night. I have watched it over and over. It was crazy high and far. Terry just riding the wave on the way out. I am hearing some things that there might be a new GM of the Mets but Sandy will have a new position with the team. I think this has something to do with Sandy wanting to slow down a bit. I do def think there is need of a change in a lot of departments with this team, starting with the training and pre season training staffs... Okay sleep now....

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