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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mets: Medical Updates

I have been sitting here for a few days and have been trying to figure out the best way to sum up all the Mets injuries this season. This is what it is like in a horror movie. People start getting take out left and right by a masked assailant. Imagine Ghostface from Scream is the mystery killer. The first reveal is Barwiss as the murderer. But wait. There is a twist. Barwiss is just a red herring. The real killer is the Ray Ramirez(sorry Ray, using you as a figurehead for the Mets Medical/Training Staff), but wait. THEEEEERRRRRREEE'SSSSSS MOOOORRRRREE....  The real Mets killer is........ Skeet Ulrich.. Wait.. What???

Anyway look at this....

The latest medical updates for the M*A*S*H Unit. I mean M*E*T*S team. I knew when I heard Cespedes was hurt that he was done for the year. Syndergaard, I would let just keep doing the minimal work to just get him along for next year. Harvey, let's just see how he moves along with his pitches. Basically he is in the MLB having rehab starts, which is fine do to the way the season went.

The Captain. David Wright. I saw this with all seriousness. I hope you are going to be physically fine for day to day life. Don't push this. I know you are a gamer and want to play. And I know lots of folks want you to play, but please make sure this doesn't mess you up for life.

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