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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Line Log Jam at Lady Gaga Concert at Citi Field

I heard this was due to a communication error between security and the NYPD about where folks should line up to get to their on field seats which the tickets read BULLPEN ENTRANCE ONLY. NO ADMITTANCE FROM ANY OTHER GATE. I can easily see the frustration this could cause. A majority of the Security at Citi Field are pretty friendly and helpful so I don't know where the ball was dropped.

If you guys are going to the Lady Gaga concert tonight, I would be prepared for some line issues in case.

Rachael (@RachaelEfff)

Why is it harder to get into #CitiField during a concert than a met game???? So fucking annoyed

Brittany (@BRbrittrich)

When half the venue is still outside in these ridiculous @CitiField line ups!!!!!

devin kretschmer (@DevinKretschmer)

@CitiField getting into this lady Gaga concert is the least organized thing I've ever seen. Do better morons.

Mediagoon's sister (@nycbored)

.@CitiField not the best tonight for ways to get into our floor seats. Not allowed from McFaddens to the bullpen. Bull.

Dani Thomas 🏳️‍🌈 (@DaniThomas)

"Utter Chaos As @CitiField Is Underprepared For @ladygaga, Fans Annoyed But Then Unfazed" is a headline I'd write about *this* experience 😑

Stevie Smith (@stevie_g_smith)

@CitiField this is the most disorganised event i have ever been 2. No staff, limited security, beyond confusing signage, bordering on a riot

Some folks were fine getting into the stadium via the Rotunda.

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