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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mets: MLB Shop Sells Amed Rosario Jerseys for $20?

I don't know if you guys realize this or not but I am on my "real" honeymoon right now on the other side of the country, deep into the Pacific. I was hiking on the amazing Diamond Head trails and I get a text from my buddy Dave.

" DUDE, GO ON MLBSHOP and click the Authentic Rosario Jersey and click what size you want and it'll drop down to $20. There has to be some sort of glitch."

Sure enough I tried it on my way down from the top of the ridge and boom I found it and was able to purchase a jersey for $20. The I started getting texts, tweets, FB messages, and phone calls from folks  from NYC letting me know what was going on. They asked me if it was going to be able to go through. I told them, Fanatics who run MLBSHOP have had this issue in the past with glitches. Last time it was when the NYRangers were in the Stanley Cup Finals and sold jerseys for $50.... They should have been closer $200. They ended up honoring some of the orders and then for the ones they didn't they offered a small credit. Folks have been blowing up twitter like crazy asking if it's going to work. I do have a conspiracy theory... Did they do this to make Rosario Jersey sales look really good for the Mets? No idea why I think this but....

My cousin made this joke yesterday: (@metspolice)

Source: @Mediagoon standing outside Honolulu Modells to get Rosario jersey, wife not amused.

Then this happens:
keith blacknickTweet text

Who knew...

Now, I fully expect the jersey orders to be cancelled but good luck to all of those who ordered...

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