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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

.@citifield : What Ever Happened to the Mandatory Metal Detectors?

Hey you guys remember when there was an announcement of the mandatory walk through metal detectors that had to be at the ballparks? What ever happened to them. I see them at the Rotunda but they are only on a couple of lines. The hand held wands are everywhere but weren't the walk through ones supposed to make us safer? Where did they go?

This is an email convo I had last night...

keith blacknick @Mediagoon
For those of you having problems with getting into @CitiField tonight let me know. Email me at
From Terri

AConversation sent from Twitterrific
45 minutes from the time we got off the ssubway until we got inside . Total chaos .

I cant imagine what iit's going to be like to get back .
THAT SUCKS…. It is amazing they can’t ever figure this out...
How about Some metal detectors ? Every person had to wait and get manually scanned by a total of maybe 5 guys. 
Really? Rotunda entrance?
Yep. Just chaotic. I go to a lot of shows. It's not like this st other places.
Is security stepped up since Ariana Grande ?
The weird thing about that attack was that it was after the concert in the crowd. Wouldn’t this bottleneck before a concert be exactly what a terrorist would want?
That's true. Don't want to think about it too much. Hope it's easier getting home. 

What happened to the security theater? Wouldn't the walk through scans be quicker? Isn't that what they were supposed to be for? High volume safety?  Where did it go? Also, with he security not being as organized as it should be, isn't that a flaw in the "safety" plan?

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