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Monday, August 7, 2017

Granderson and the Grandkids Foundation

Granderson is a good player but he is an even better human being..
image from mets insider blog

From the MetsInsider...
Curtis Granderson is someone that not only gives his all on the field but goes above and beyond outside of the diamond. Tonight, Granderson, his foundation, teammates, supporters and friends will get together to celebrate the Grand Kids Foundation’s 10-year anniversary.Over the last decade, the Grand Kids Foundation has worked to improve educational experiences for youth nationwide, along with helping to re-establish baseball opportunities for inner city youths. But the giving does not stop there.
When the foundation first began, its focus was to provide education and athletic opportunities. As it began to grow, Granderson picked up on a common issue that he wanted to help put an end to…Food insecurity. 

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Also there is an event tonight for his charity org and you might still be able to get tix for it here.

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