Monday, January 22, 2018

@QBConvention: Meet the Mets (Execs)

Great job by NY1’s Roger Clark modding this panel With Mark Fine and Will Carafello from the Mets.

Click here for Video

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Ed Kranepool is Selling Off His Baseball Collection


For you collectors out there Ed Kranepool's friend/agent reached out to me to try to raise awareness of Ed Kranepool raising money by selling his collection to help with his medical bills. I have met Ed a couple of times now and he ha been a great and cordial guy. If you guys remember, he was a guest of the first QBC and love hanging out with the fans. So, if you guys are collectors or always wanted a piece of baseball history and want to help out a Mets legend you should check this out.

Jan, 22, 2018
To Whom It May Concern,
As a top Mets Memorabilia Collector, Mr. Kranepool is offering a limited number of collectors the opportunity to visit him at his home on Long Island to examine and purchase unique Mets and Yankees Sports Memorabilia directly from his collection. The items for sale are autographed vintage photos, autographed assorted team and individual baseballs, great baseball memorabilia from different teams, as well as unsigned, never been seen before personal photos from his days while he was with the Mets for his 17-year career.
This opportunity to visit Mr. Kranepool for a Meet and Greet at his home will be during the months of January and February, and will take place in the evenings between 7 PM-10 PM on Monday to Thursday, as well as some weekends. All home visits will be by appointment only. This memorabilia sale will help pay for some of Ed’s major medical bills from this past year.
This is a great opportunity for the true Baseball Autograph Memorabilia Collector to set-up an appointment to visit Mr. Kranepool at his home in Long Island and examine the memorabilia that he has collected since he broke into the Major Leagues with the Mets in 1962. If you are interested, please contact Martin Gover of Momentum Sports Management, Inc. at (212) 918-4545. Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.
Yours truly,
Martin Gover

Help a young lady get her prom pics at Citi Field

Wish we knew about this at the QBC...


From SI Live

“It all started as a joke between my friends and I. I have been saying forever that I wanted to go to the prom with a Met, and I never thought anything could happen from it. Because the Mets follow me, I direct messaged them," said Quinn.

"They asked me the date of my prom, and said they are going to be in Milwaukee that day, so they gave me a date prior to my prom. If I can get that certain amount of retweets I can go and take pictures with them," added the South Beach resident.

Read the full story from here.
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Rowdy the Rumble Pony hangs with WWE

I guess Rowdy is. Luchador in the off season.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

@QBConvention: Chris Flexen Panel

Watch Dennis Holden and yours truly had a nice back and forth with Mets Pitcher Chris Flexen.

You can watch that here!

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@QBConvention: Brandon Nimmo hosted by WOR 710am's Pete McCarthy

Great times at the QBC folks. Missed it because you were shut out? Here is the Brandon Nimmo Panel.

@QBConvention 2018 Brandon Nimmo Panel Podcast

QBC1028  Brandon Nimmo Panel

The Queens Baseball Convention was lucky enough to have Brandon Nimmo stop by for a panel hosted by 710 WOR's Pete McCarthy in which he chatted with Brandon about being in the bigs, being in NYC, the trade rumors etc. Plus Q and A from Fans....

Click here for audio from Soundcloud

@QBConvention Slackish Reaction Recap by @metspolice

Hey Folks, It's your good friend Mediagoon here. Let me start off by doing something I usually don't do on here but, HOLY SHIT that was Good QBC. Thank you to Chris Flexen, Toddy Hundley, and Brandon Nimmo for coming out to yesterday. You fans loved them and they loved you right back. They were overwhelmed with the support and appreciation you guys showered them with. Great job by them, and great job by you guys. Thanks to all our volunteers that helped out yesterday. These are all loyal die hard Mets fans that are some of my closest friends that help Dan Twohig and myself out every year. Even good old @Metspolice himself lent a hand after stepping away from the QBC's operations this year. He co-founded it with us so it's great that he is able to come out and enjoy the day. Right now, I am exhausted. I am going to grab Metspolice's slackish reaction of yesterdays QBC. Make sure you check out

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Nimmo was Zimmo at the Queens Baseball Convention

Congratulations to @datwohig an @mediagoon for their fantastic job with the 2018 Queens Baseball Convention.
SLACKISH REACTION:  Barndom Nimmo was a revelation.  You know how I don’t like certain types of players – the kinds that have look at me personas and drive around in sports cars and hang with supermodels and maybe don’t have the back of the baseball card to roll like they are Joe Namath – yeah Nimmo is the opposite of that.
He was at QBC yesterday and I can’t express strongly enough how much he wowed the crowd.  I don’t have a Man Crush on him, I have a Father In Law crush on him – this is the kind of guy that if he married one of your daughters you’d be like yeah.  (He is married and clearly loves his wife, she was there.)
Many people left the room saying that while earlier in the week they were like WTF why didn’t the Mets trade this guy, now they are huge Nimmo fans.  Me too.  I have been looking for someone to replace the hole in my heart left when Murph left town, but now I have a new favorite Met and his is Brandon Nimmo. I’ll share the audio when @mediagoon wakes up from a well deserved nap.
Also great to see was Todd Hundley.   As we’ve discussed on here Todd was a huge star in Queens and has gotten lost between The Dynasty and Piazza.  Interesting to hear Todd say that Jeff Torborg was too nice and that people took advantage.  Todd also had zero problem with the Mets going after Piazza because Todd knew he himself couldn’t play.
I didn’t get too much of Chris Flexen but he was there as well and apparently is a good dude.
At the Meet the Mets Executives Panel, marketing exec Mark Fine (good dude as well)  said giveaways are now 25,000 not 15,000, the TBA t-shirt will be designed by Marvel, and there will be a Mr. Met as Han Solo in the Falcon cockpit bobblehead day for Star Wars Night.   We also learned that Will that runs @mets reads all our tweets.  A fan (not me!) asked about the dopey “That Feeling When….”  posts and I don’t think I totally got the answer but something something different demographics.
I’m sure I will have more to say as the day and week goes on, and I’ll share video and audio as it comes loose.
I saw the not-boycotters people and literally hugged it out so we can be friends.  It was that kind of feel good day.
I’ll have a podcast for you maybe today.  Jason and I sat in the corner like nerds for 40 minutes and wound up talking a lot of Star Wars.
Finally, as I wasn’t involved with this one at all it was kind of fun to just attend it.  I enjoyed watching someone else host “my” panel (I usually do Mets Execs). I described it to my wife as watching a band I used to be in.  If you watch the 4 hour Tom Petty doc on Netflix (highly recommended) there’s a point where bassist Ron Blair talks about seeing the Heartbreakers when he was an ex-member of the band and that it was cool.  I felt the same way.  No longing, no jealousy, no feeling left out, just happy for my one-time bandmates.  Great show guys.
--- I'm back... Thanks cuz for letting me grab this. My brain is melted.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

@QBConvention 2018 is upon us

Hey Guys,

For those of you who didn't buy tickets in time and wanted to get to the QBC, we will have various social media accounts and blogs going on.




and of course #QBC18

Now that we are done with that housekeeping. THE QBC is SOLD OUT. There are no tickets for sale at the door. Please do not show up to try to get in. We don't want you to waste your time getting in.

Enjoy your day today. Drink responsibly. Be respectful to others and just have a good time. See you peeps in a few hours.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The @QBConvention Recipient of the Gil Hodges Award is......

Bobby Valentine.

Due to previous commitments  Bobby will not make it to accept the Unforgettable Fire Award. Bobby really wanted to be at the QBC again this year to spend time with the fans and accept this award but the timing didn't work out.

Mets Spring Training Invites Include Tim Tebow

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Pre @QBConvention Thoughts

Thank you guys for making this year a sell out. If you guys didn’t support us, we wouldn’t be able to keep this going every year.

Since we do have a sell out, there are absolutely no walk up tickets to be sold this year. Folks have been emailing and messaging me if there are any tickets that might be released or anything we can do for them to get a ticket. We can’t. We are at Max Capacity now. Only suggestions we have is that someone might be trying to sell a ticket on social media somewhere. Keep an eye out there.

Doors open at 11:30 am tomorrow at Katch. Here’s the schedule for tomorrow.

If you have a any questions or need help with something, our volunteers will be wearing these Snazzy QBC jerseys designed by Stitches.

We all will try our best to help out.

There is a parking lot next to Katch. It doesn’t have a ton of parking there, but if you get there early enough, you might be able to grab one. I’m hearing it’s $16 for 12 hours plus $5 extra if you have an SUV.

Pay attention to the MTA. It seems the subway stop by Katch is being worked on. They will tell you the best stop to get off at.

I think that’s all for now. You guys can reach me at if you need something answered.

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S2 E3: Orange and Blue Thing- Jay Bruce and A-Gon Talks...

Click here for soundcloud

The Mets have some fresh blood in the fold, one of whom is a familiar face. The discuss the Jay Bruce and Adrian Gonzalez signings, and break down what it means for the rest of the roster. Plus, some of the guys’ favorite Mets Free Shirt Friday designs for the 2018 season, details on the DC invasion, and grab some intel on A-Gon’s walk up song. All that, plus live calls, “What’s in the Box?”, and more. Crack a cold one and kick back for another episode of OABT.
An "Orange and Blue Thing" is something that Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. The comments section turns in to a live chat room, and the fan engagement is cool to see.
Co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni, our episodes are taped live each Thursday at 6pm Eastern. We're a pretty visual show, so if you can, try to catch the live stream on For now give a listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends, subscribe and leave a review. LGM 2018!

The Fellas will also be at the QBC this Saturday....

Click here for iTunes

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mets Free Shirt Friday’s Revealed

It’s that time of year folks....

I’m really loving this TBD shirt. It’s sassy. Wait what To Be Determined? I thought it was The Best d’Arnaud...

HR Apple- Fine shirt.

This is a very generic design. Looks like
It could be Majestic. Its cool though.

Conforto “replica” jersey. It’s nice

So much going on here...

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Game Used Ricky Gutierrez Jersey

You are purchasing a team issued, most likely game worn Ricky Gutierrez Jersey from a special 
series in 2004. Blaze Orange Mets jerseys are getting harder and harder to find. Add this piece to 
your Man Cave today. This item comes from a smoke-free home!

Mets Officially Sign Adrian Gonzalez


The Mets today announced that the club has signed five-time All-Star Adrián González to a one-year contract.

González, 35, has hit over 300 home runs (311), driven in over 100 runs seven times and has earned four Gold Glove Awards during his 14-year major league career.

The 6-2, 215-pounder ranks sixth among active players with 432 doubles and in RBI (1,176) and ninth in home runs. He led the NL with 116 RBI in 2014, led the AL in hits (213) in 2011 and the NL in walks (119) in 2009.

He has batted .288 with a .359 OBP during his major league career with Texas, San Diego, Boston and Los Angeles-NL.

In 34 career postseason games, the lefthanded-hitter has seven home runs and 21 RBI.

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SNY Has a Special Prize at the @QBConvention on Saturday

This JUST IN!!!!!

SNY will be conducting a sweepstakes at the QBC  where the winner and guest will win the chance to meet our booth talent at a Mets game this season. Prize will include tickets and autographed Gary, Keith, and Ron baseball. 

Rules for the sweepstake will be announced at the QBC on Saturday for those in attendance. Pretty Sweet...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Binghamton Mets Game Used Jersey Star Trek Nick Evans

2009 Binghamton Mets game used Star Trek Night jersey worn & autographed by Nick Evans on 6/5/09 . 
The jersey is made by Jersey Express and is a size XL.  There is no LOA. I will combine shipping.


FLUSHING, N.Y., January 16, 2018 – The New York Mets announced today that they have signed three-time All-Star outfielder Jay Bruce to a three-year contract.

Bruce, 30, hit a career-best 36 home runs and drove in over 100 RBI (101) for the second time in his career last season in 146 combined games between the Mets and Cleveland Indians. Bruce hit .256 (104-406) with 29 of his 36 home runs while driving in a team-high 75 runs with the Mets. In five games during American League Division Series with Cleveland, Bruce went 5-18 (.278) with one double, two home runs and four RBI. In 15 career postseason games, Bruce has four home runs and 10 RBI.

Over 153 career games with the Mets after being acquired at the trade deadline on August 1, 2016 from Cincinnati, Bruce has batted .245 (141-575) with 25 doubles, 37 home runs and 94 RBI. His 37 home runs and 94 RBI in that time led the team.

“I'm excited to return to the Mets to help finish what we set out to do at the beginning of last season and return to the postseason for the best fans in baseball," Bruce said. "We have a terrific group of guys in place and I'm excited to get back to work.”

In addition to his three All-Star selections (2011, 2012 and 2016) during his 10-year major league career, Bruce has won two Silver Slugger Awards (2012, 2013) and hit 263 home runs as a rightfielder, tied for the most by any rightfielder in major league baseball since 2008 with Giancarlo Stanton. His 800 RBI since 2008 lead all major league rightfielders while his 91 outfield assists are most in the majors for an outfielder since 2008. 

Since 2010, Bruce has seven seasons of 25 or more home runs, tied for the most in the majors with Adam Jones.

“Jay has proven to be a leader both on and off the field while continuing to produce at a high level throughout his major league career,” Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson said. “We’re glad to have Jay back in the fold as we continue our pursuit to return to the postseason.”

Over 10 major league seasons with the Reds, Mets and Indians, Bruce has batted .249 (1294-5205) with 272 doubles, 277 home runs and 838 RBI.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fromt the Brooklyn Cyclones: Sandy the Seagull and Pee Wee will be at @QBConvention

When you guy come into the now SOLD OUT QBC on Saturday, you will be greeted by the Brooklyn Cyclones friendly and fun Mascots, Sandy and Pee Wee... They are back, back again. The Mascots are back, tell a friend...

@QBConvention has sold out

Hey guys, if you were waiting to get your tickets, we are sorry to say that you can't. We sold out last night. There will not be any tickets available at the door, so please don't trek all the way down to KATCH to be turned away. Thank you to all you folks who bought tickets and supporting us again this year.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Game Used Todd Hundley Bat

Hot Rod Todd Hundley Los Angeles Dodgers Rawlings professional model G294 game used bat 

Game used bat has Hundley's #9 clearly marked on the knob in black marker as well as the cupped bottom of the bat.  Rawlings is also written on both.

Bat is currently 35.0", 30 ounces with heavy use including ball marks, bat rack marks, pine tar, and plenty of overall pounding!

Bat remains solid/not cracked, BUT has two areas with chunks of wood out of them. They are in the lower and upper handle, shown in pictures 6 and 7.

There is one tiny hole on both the top and bottom as the bat must have been mounted at one time.

This model G294 is stamped on knob .   "BIG STICK TODD HUNDLEY DODGERS" -adorns the front barrel.  

The photo is a style match only.

I will combine shipping on bat orders...however, bats will generally need to ship independently of all other items
Contact me with any questions.


Need to get something to get signed? Here ya go!!!

Hologram number JB856421

Mets Club Authentication
Oct 12, 2017
Additional Information
Marucci bat, Nimmo
This bat is well used, handle prep, ball marks, number "9" New York Mets sticker on the knob, unmarked cupped bottom.

This bat was left in the locker room and authenticated by the Mets after the 2017 season concluded...The bat remains unbroken,  solid and can be swung without hesistation!

A perfect Brandon Nimmo game used bat, not broken, and authenticated by MLB after the season concluded.

The photos are style matches only and are not included with the bat.

I do not know the weight of this bat.

I will combine shipping on bat orders...however, bats will generally need to ship independently of all other items
Contact me with any questions.

Thank you!

@QBConvention is this Saturday...

15 tickets left. What are you waiting for?

Buy your tickets....

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Twenty, Yes Twenty Tickets Left for @QBConvention


Jan 20th 2018.....

Folks. We are getting down to the last of our inventory. If there was ever a time to buy your tickets it would be now. I went to a baseball card/signing show yesterday and let me break down the value that you are getting here vs if you went there. They charge $10 just to get in. That's so you can just walk around and look at the vendors tables. Sure they throw in a free auto from a player, but its usually a player that has the lowest number that they would charge for an auto. So if you like that  player and get his autograph you just broke even on the $10. All the vendors are pretty much selling the exact same thing not a lot of variety at all.  I'm going to break down pricing right now.

$10 Entry fee

We have 7 panels- We'll give them each a modest entry fee of $10 a piece so that's $70 right there alone.

Let's look at example of a Brandon Nimmo signing from yesterday. $29 for anything signed or $39 for bats/jerseys/equipment and an extra $10 for an inscription. So you could be paying $29-$49 for his auto. We'll call this $39 to take the average.

We'll Say Hundley is the same and Flexen is $10 off of each price above. $29-$49 for Hundley, $19-$39 for Flexen. Avg for Hundley $39 and Avg for Flexen is $29.

Let's add this up....


Entry $10

Nimmo Auto Equipment- $39

$49 total.

Let's add this up....

Entry Fee- $10
Panels- $10x7= $70
Autos- 1 auto= $39

That's $109 in total. For ours. Thats just the $50 ticket we sold. You are getting another $70 worth of product for what you would have paid to just stand in line to get Nimmo's autograph.

I don't have time to do the other package breakdowns right now because I am running out to get a haircut so that I look somewhat human next weekend while running the QBC

Grab your tickets at and see you guys there....

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dom Smith Debut Ball

Even though a lot of you don't feel like he is the first baseman especially after for all of last year you couldn't wait for them to get rid of Duda to bring him up.

MLB Authentication #JB881773

On 08/11/2017, Dominic Smith made his MLB debut for the New York Mets at 1st base. This baseball was collected and authenticated during that game.

Dominic Smith was the 1st round, 11th pick in the 2013 draft. At only 22 years old, he is rated the #2 prospect to play 1st base, according to the 2017 prospect rankings published by the MLB. He was invited to represent the USA in the 2016 Futures game.

Smith is known for his advanced hitting approach, expected to hit for high average and low strikeouts. As the Mets traded away Lucas Duda, 1st base is expected to be Smith's, as he is noted for his outstanding defensive ability.

Among players who began their major league careers with the Mets, only Mike Jacobs (11) and Ron Swoboda (10) hit more homers than Smith in their first 33 games.

Todd Hundley on WOR 710 AM and Talks about @QBConvnetion

Pete McCarthy had Todd Hundley on his show last night. They talked QBC, Piazza coming to the Mets, and playing in NYC

Just in case you guys missed it, here is the Link.

Jan 20th. Katch Astoria. Less then 30 tickets left.
Tickets are still available at