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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Why do fans act like jerks?

 I was just reading about what happened with the Yankees fans and the Cleveland Guardians players yesterday. I never can get why fans think they have the “right” to act this way at games. Just because you pay for a ticket it doesn’t mean you can throw things, flip off, curse at opposing players or even their own players. Whatever happened to knowing how to behave at sporting events, concerts, and movie theaters? Not only can you hurt a player with throwing stuff, you might hurt a fellow fan in front of you. Do you think they signed up to be pelted with things from some jerk three rows back when they bought their tickets? I am not going to condemn just Yankees fans on this but I am going to condemn all fans that do this type of behavior. Remember the Giants snowball/battery incident? That was dangerous as hell.

Fans just be better.

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