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Monday, April 25, 2022

I am so glad I gave up my Half Season Mets Ticket Plan years ago.


Let me mention this first. I do not have my Half Season ticket plan any more. When I did have it, I got annoyed having it for a few different reasons. One, even if you had two seats, you only got stuff usually for one out of the two seats. Another thing that annoyed me was folks around me getting discounted seats in my section and there was never a "make good" for the ticket plan holders with any kind of voucher for food, parking, or merchandise. The last thing that really set me off is that the Mets ticket office didn't seem like it cared about retaining fans but were always looking to get new fans with getting free authentic or replica jerseys or so and so perks. Myself and other plan holders would get so annoyed by this and I finally had enough of not feeling valued as a fan or a customer and decided just to keep my 7Line tickets and get rid of my other plan that I had for a decade. I was thinking that maybe with the new regime that would change. Nope.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about their ticket plans and now how that they don't know if they want to keep it anymore. The ticket rep they have can run hot or cold with the treatment of my friend and their account. It really just seems like the Mets ticket office just cares about getting their numbers they need for new tickets and I guess if they don't have the same goals to retain current customers. I really don't get how they can't do both. You have fans that have plans that came over from Shea and you can't treat them right? Come on.

I also love how I randomly will get a phone call from my "New Point of Contact" from the Mets to buy tickets through. "I'm calling to find out about your fandom." Usually after I bust out about the QBC, this blog, and that I am on the Mets Fan Advisory Board, I get a, "Woah. You really are a fan." And then I break down to them why I won't buy plans anymore. Between seats next to me seemingly bought by brokers and being resold or from what I heard that the Mets themselves might be selling their inventory on Stubhub(Hasn't been officially confirmed), to the deep discounts they give out with promotions over the season doesn't make me want to buy a plan again.

I have to tell you a few seasons ago, I saw how the box office thinks about fans they currently have locked up with plans and it made me not want to have my plan anymore. Hopefully the new starts to realize whats going on and they change the way the Box office does business.

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