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Saturday, April 9, 2022

About last night’s Apple Plus Mets Game

I had to work late last night but I have a job that I’m lucky enough I can watch things while I can work. Well, I thought I was lucky until last night. The Apple Plus announce team really needs to learn how to come up for breath. They reminded me of the folks you’d meet at a party and seemed cool to talk to at first but then never shut the hell up. I think what might help this announce team out is that you bring in one of the home team’s announcers to help give info on the teams playing. Maybe have them be the lead in the booth for that game and have the core Apple plus folks be there to ask questions that casual fans might not know. Contract wise I know this might be hard to pull off but imagine Darling in the booth with them. Knowledge of the teams might help the faucet of nonsense chat might be turned off.


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