Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Niko proves you can still get paper tickets at the Mets Box office.


Niko(@NikoGoutakolis), who both Metspolice(Sith) and myself(Jedi) fight over as our padawan, decided to go to Citi Field. To the box office. To see if he could get paper tickets. And? HE DID!!!!!

I could swear that the Mets said that there would be no paper tickets or print at home tickets this year. Also no fees to get tix at box office? WHY THE HELL ARE WE CHARGED TO BUY TICKETS TO SHOW ON OUR PHONE THEN ONLINE! YOU MFers are using our data! We should charge you fees.


And that is great that customer service is up to par after so many years of it sucking. Was it retraining? Was it folks happy to be working again? Will it last? 

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