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Monday, April 12, 2021

Marcus Stroman is a polarizing player.


Marcus Stroman. Some folks are fans of him. Some folks can't stand him. Some folks are going way beyond civility as per usual on twitter. What set folks off was this tweet.

Stroman's sentiment is correct but I just don't know why you would air it out in the public like this. I wouldn't like this if David Wright, Pete Alonso, or even Jacob deGrom. This feels like a betrayal to a lot to fans to the team you are playing for. 

I know players are creatures of habit and also how you have to figure out what to do gearing up to throwing out for your day pitching.

I think a lot of folks are still annoyed at Stroman for opting out last year because of covid. If I remember correctly there were pics of him hanging out down in Florida right before he opted out.I don't know if when/if they disappeared but there were pics of Stroman hanging out with about 10 people on a boat without masks super close to each other. Does he have the right to opt out because of Covid. 100 percent.

Do Mets fans have a right to not like Stroman? Yes. Is it because he hasn't really done anything as NY Met player yet. Sure. Do they not like him because of his race? I am sure some uneducated, unenlightened, folks wrongly feel that way.

Are Boomer and Gio low key racists? Or are they just calling Stroman out because of what their opinion is of them as a player and not about the color of his skin. Have they ever said or implied about anything in that way? He has the right to feel that way but what's the reasoning?

Syndergaard is annoying with his antics. He hasn't earned the right the way he pitches and gets hurt and then runs his mouth but blocks people who disagree with him on twitter. 

I personally don't know how Marcus Stroman is a person. I don't know what he has gone through in his life. I don't know how he has been discriminated against in his life. I hope Marcus Stroman the baseball player does well in his career for the Mets or whatever team(s) he pitches for in the future. I also hope that Marcus Stroman the person is able to bring social issues to light and maybe folks will learn something.

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