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Friday, April 9, 2021

How was getting into Citi Field on Opening Day 2021?


Got to Citi Field yesterday about 12:30 pm and was curious to see how hard/easy it was going to be to get into the with the Covid Protocols. I walked up to the Rotunda and saw that there was a "zig/zag" cue using metal barricades with the stay 6 foot apart. But before you get into the cue, you line up and the staff looks at your Vaccine/Negative test results but they don't correspond that with any ID to make sure it was really you, and then you get your temperature checked, then walk through the metal detectors and walk up to the ticket Takers(scanners) and then you are in the ballpark. You know what wasn't checked? That form we "had" to fill out before going into the stadium. I think this form is as if you went to eat at a NYC restaurant and you have to leave your name, address, and phone number for contact tracing.

There are staff members were there making sure folks are moving along to the stairs and the escalators. Everyone was spread out when you are walking the concourse and I stopped in yo use the bathroom. In the bathroom, every other urinal and ever other stall was closed to enforce social distancing.

I continued on to my seats ans saw that some concession stands (that were open) had the mobile ordering pick up line separate from the cue to order food. When I got to my seat, the pods seemed set up pretty spaced out. In my room all but my two seats were zip tied, so they couldn't be sat in.

There were no vendors walking around in the stands but there were on the concourses with carts to sell food and beverages. And they were spread out too. I saw staff members and security trying to make sure the folks that weren't wearing their masks properly while not eating or drinking. There wasn't a lot of folks not wearing their masks in person but when I got home I checked out the game and it seemed like there were folks in the stand not eating or drinking without masks on. I am sure the staff was trying to police this but this seemed to fall through the cracks.

I used the mobile ordering on the Ballpark app and my food was ready quick and it was easy to pick it up on the mobile pickup line. You get a barcode on your phone after you order and you go to the register and scan the barcode to pick up your food.

What did I think about the whole experience? I think for the first day back dealing with the Covid-19 safety protocols that the Mets actually did a better job then they have on Opening Days in previous seasons.
Good Job Mets.

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